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Sanzi Studio
– Sanzi Kermes

Sanzi Kermes documents games of Scrabble she has played, screen prints the pattern left at game's end, and writes senryu (a haiku not based in nature) using the words played. An ex-cartographer, the screen prints are reminiscent of the Rectangular Survey System devised by the Land Ordinance of 1785.
Sanzi graduated in 1982 from Syracuse University - a dual major in Geography and Advertising. At 35, she left corporate work and, during the next decade, her life took extraordinary turns: at 43, she became a widow, at 45 she gave birth to her daughter, and at 48 she earned her Masters of Contemporary Fine Art Practice from Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK. She lives in Baltimore with her daughter.

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Couture Trees 2018

“As a hotel with a passion for the arts and culture, and a history deeply rooted in Baltimore, this is a holiday tradition we look forward to bringing back year after year,” said Onahlea Shimunek, general manager for the Lord Baltimore Hotel.

Lord Baltimore Hotel
CityFit Baltimore / Suzanne Miranda

  • O FitMas Tree | 2018
    Collaboration by
    Sanzi Kermes & Suzanne Miranda
Language and Communication

Curated by Liz Faust, Professor MICA and Independent Curator


  • January 19th to February 28th, 2019
  • 802 N Charles St
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Diverse Fibers



  • Opening May 11 2-5 pm
    Exhibition dates: May 10-June 1
  • 126 N. Madeira Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21231
Japanese and Japanese American
Experiences in America


City Hall South Gallery

  • July 2nd - August 23rd, 2019